Digital Signage

offlineBox is an efficient and capable digital signage solution for your business.

offlineBox is easy to use: You can add content without HTML experience, upload all marketing materials, and display them on a schedule automatically.

Our solution works independently; you can sync with your phone, and continue to run it without Internet connection. Then you can return later and the device will update over your phone via a mobile hotspot.

All the updates are managed through, our easy to understand platform that allows you to update your website as well as your digital signage screens.

One offlineBox device is included with a prepaid one year subscription. 

A flexible technology developed by undologic, offlineBox ensures your company stays away from technical debt

YOU: Manage all the text & images without any technical knowledge.

WE: Manage everything else: Hardware, security fixes, upgrades, maintenance, updates,

This synergy between us ensures efficiency, flexibility & creativity and your corporate image stays strong.

Change content in-house

Change the text / images without any technical knowledge and without altering the branding

Layered work-flow

Your in-house staff focuses on text and we manage the instrastructure. This synergy ensures less issues and a quicker iteration.

Support when you need it

Your staff will work with confidence knowing they can call on support when they need it.


Custom & Flexible

All digital signage solutions are customzied from layouts to match your branding. Avoid solutions that give unappealing layouts that cannot be modified.


Hours a day

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lines of code today

Our Services

Website Design
Customized in line with our customers vision
Responsive design (Phone, Tablet & Desktop)
Source files of websites owned by customer
UpdateCase subscription gives software tools to manage content without HTML experience.
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Visually Flexible

Get up and running efficiently by choosing a layout and working with us to customize to your corporate branding

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Visually Flexible

Get up and running efficiently by choosing a layout and working with us to customize to your corporate branding

COLLABORATION - We support your team

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Watch detailed YouTube video walk-throughs of our software. Follow along and understand how to use our system quickly and efficiently and on your terms.

Watch our videos

File a ticket and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Included at no extra charge in your subscription.

File a support ticket

Read-through our extensive step by step frequently asked questions.

Read our FAQ

Get the help you need with our toll-free telephone support billed extra per the minute. Nights, holidays and weekends are billed double.